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Our Approach

Chimpel is a Cape Town, South African based Design and Production studio, specialising in creating exquisitely crafted handmade luxury leather handbags, clutches and accessories. Only the best exotic and natural cowhides found within South Africa are used to create a uniquely crafted product with sharp design and precision execution. Amongst the best specialised artisans are employed and responsible for ensuring that the quality product comes to life.

Sustainability and Ethical leather sourcing is core to our brand. We therefore, only use reputable licenced breeding tanneries as suppliers to source our ostrich leather and crocodile hides. All the meat, fur or feathers are then sold while always remembering the humane factor towards all animals. An entire skin is used to make a complete handbag and or to decorate and accessorize easier designs. High focus on always being environmentally friendly, minimising waste and only using ethically sourced leather being core to the business.

Our brand focuses on communicating that true luxury is sustainable and to buy quality over quantity.


Tell: 021 697 5875
Cell: 083 235 8565