Majda Rabin

In 2009, Majda Rabin started her Fashion Design studio. Her inspiration being triggered by the unique texture of ostrich leather and the tactile elegance of crocodile skin. Majda visualised and saw the potential of creating a masterpiece by using these inherently African sourced leather.

Prior to the launch of her brand Chimpel. Majda noticed a gap in the market. Leather bags were overly priced and she envisioned and has since proven that her quality product could be more affordable for the wider end of the market. At launch her brand focused on ostrich and crocodile trims on a natural cowhide.

Now as the demand has increased, full ostrich and crocodile handbags has become popular. In this ever changing market, Chimpel can proudly be regarded as a leader in creating a bespoke range of affordable and aspirational leather products.

Chimpel - Create your own legacy


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